Happy Anniversary Helena and Ben! Four years have sped by, but the blessings that have come since the day you committed yourselves to each other have been just amazing! Love you both and hope that you have a great day.



Happy Birthday, Heidi!!!


After a day in the cubes of Notre Dame Law School, researching on Westlaw and listening to the Kagan hearings on earbuds, I went to Sears to get some new tires on Baby Shark. A mustached fellow took down my work order and relieved me of my keys, and then I waited in the TV room for two hours, watching Leave it to Beaver and Andy Griffith. I was on the phone with Heidi and wondering what was taking my car so long when I saw it being driven out of the work garage and into the parking lot. At least, someone was trying to drive it out of the work garage. It lurched violently and stalled, then lurched and stalled again before it make it into the parking lot in painfully slow, pulsating movements. I was happy my car was done, but a little concerned that the person working on my car couldn’t drive a manual. A few moments later the mustached office man came inside with my keys and paperwork. He was full of small talk and at some point amongst the exorbitant credit card swipes he told me he was sorry my car took so long and had tried to speed things up by driving my car out of the garage himself. I said, “Ah,” in a meaningful-but-only-I-knew-it-was-meaningful voice. And he said with a slightly puffed up chest, “Yeah, that’s the first question they asked me when I applied here, ‘Can you drive stick?’ and I was like, ‘Of course.’” I said, “It does seem like that would be an important skill here. It’s amazing how many people can’t.” And he said, “I know. So sad.”

In other news, I must be at Notre Dame, because it’s Touchdown Jesus!

First phase of the internship is accomplished. It was a wonderful two weeks wherein the hardest tasks were remembering to drink enough coffee to keep me awake during sessions and resisting the decadent menu options that threatened my waistline. Most days were spent indoors listening to dozens of speakers, but we got to go and work out our wiggles a few times. Last Thursday they bused us up to Sedona to take a jeep tour of the desert and ride horses. I’m not sure what the native Arizonians on the horse ranch thought when they saw 120 law students in their university shirts and caps show up to ride their horses, but they were very hospitable. My horse was named Jughead, and he hated the world (or maybe just lawyers).

Lakers are NBA Champions again. That’s beginning to sound like an echo, but at least the series was close.

Next: Say hello to my apartment, repack my luggage and drive to Indiana. One of the speakers in Phoenix was my summer boss, so I got to meet him. Other than being an Alabama fan, he seems terrific, so I am looking forward to good things this summer.

Happy Birthday!  I  hope you hava a great birthday!


Take a break from finals and celebrate your past and future life. 🙂

Happy Birthday, brother!

They say the first year is the hardest. If “they” are right, you two have a lot to look forward to. 🙂

Love you both! Hope to see you soon.